Gustoc Titanium GmbH

– a name that stands for trusted customer service and the highest standards of quality in the metal processing industry since 1868.

Certificate for development, manufacture and sales of titanium connecting elements, Ti components / semi-finished products, Ti-jewelry and accessories
In order to satisfy Gustoc Titanbau’s commitment to quality control and improvement, ISO 9001 was introduced in 1996 and has been adapted to the growing demands of the market ever since. We will be implementing ISO 9001 2015 as soon as it is introduced as with ISO 9001 in 2008.
Gustoc Titanbau becomes a sponsor: HAWKS Racing e.V [registered association] (HAWKS is the Formula Student Team of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. It develops and manufactures race cars which are used to participate in Formula Student events - the largest international design competition for students)
Change of QM certification to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000
We were able to expand our product line further. The certification was amended and now reads: DIN EN ISO 9001.
We hired Wilfried Sack for the position of quality manager. Mr. Sack is a quality engineer, TQM assessor and environmental auditor. He also has made a name for himself as an expert, an author and guest lecturer for quality assurance and loss prevention.
Uwe Runschke takes over the company in its second generation.
We moved into the new premises and expanded our product range.
After focusing primarily on the field of titanium connecting elements in 1984 the Gustoc Titanbau GmbH in Germany developed very rapidly into a leading provider of titanium connecting elements and a company that maintains a large inventory of titanium related products.
Organization of the business unit titanium by Erich Runschke and a further step toward increasing company awareness in its history.